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Q = I hear a humming noise from my furnace when I try to turn the fan on, I notice a burnt wire smell ?

Your furnace motor has seizeds with everything else mechanical, your motor has reached the end of its life. You can increase the life of your furnace with regular maintenance and cleaning. Some furnaces have what is called a direct drive blower motor, this type of fan system has no belt. The other type is a belt driven motor. Our recommendation is to call our Service Expert listed in the web-site and with the numbers below. If you choose to try to do the job yourself. Parts can be found at most hardware stores. Be careful! and good luck

Q = My Fan Is Blowing, but air is very cold?

If your have good air-flow coming from the vents, but its cold, your furnace burners are not igniting. Depending on the age of your furnace, IE; on furnaces before 1985 your thermocouple may be defective. Furnaces built  after 1985 more commonly have an automatically lighting pilot. Most furnaces built since 2000 are either electronic spark ignition, or hot surface ignition. Trying to repair an automatically lighting pilot can be a bit of a challenge if you have never done this type of thing before.Another quick assessment for you to try is turn the furnace power switch off for 1 minute. The power switch can be found in most cases just above or beside the furnace. Sometimes the main control board becomes “locked out” and will not properly send the right electric signals to the main components. Simply turn the power to the furnace off, wait, and turn it back on. Simply turning the thermostat down  will not do the trick. You must turn off the powe

Q = How Often Should I Change/Clean My Filter?


Q= My Thermostat doesn't seem to keep proper temperatures like it use to. Why?

If you have a battery operated thermostat, it may be time change your batteries. Change the batteries once a year to avoid problems. If your thermostat is wired direct to the furnace, and the power is on, you may have a dirty or plugged sensor located inside the stat itself. Vacuum around the fins that you should see on the sides of the thermostat housing. If you have a basic stat that is operated with a sliding trigger, your calibration of the inner workings need adjustment. This can be done with a small wrench that is shipped with the thermostat when purchase. Simply measure the room temperature with a trusted sensor, then carefully adjust the slider to match the readings on the stat.If you have a programmable thermostat, make sure the proper settings are set for the times you are home. Check the manufactures manuals for how to change batteries or program your stat

Q = I have several grates on the walls through-out the house. Some are wider than others. Can I block them off?

No, These grates are most likely the return air registrars to your forced air furnace. The furnace needs to pull air from rooms through-out the dwelling down into the furnace to heat as needed then return it to the rooms via the hot air portions of the duct-work. Anytime you plug off theses vents, even just one, you restrict the airflow, this will cause the furnace to work harder, waste energy, and decrease the life of the furnace. Having a couch blocking a grate, or a large dresser blocking the grate is a no no. Always leave room between any furniture and the grates for good air flow.

Q = I hear a growl sound from my furnace, it started out as a minor squeak, but has gotten progressively worst, what can I do?


Q = What Size Of Furnace Do I Need To Replace The Old One?


Q = What do the Energy Star Labels Mean?


Q = I Smell Natural Gas In My Furnace Areas, What Should I Do?

DO NOT light a match, turn on the lights, use the phone, as a spark is all it takes to cause an explosion. Leave the house. 2) DO call your utility company or service company and request a qualified gas fitter to come out to inspect

Q = I would like to know more about Air Care for my home, Help!


Q = What Can I do To Keep My Furnace Running Smoothly?

1) Never run your furnace without a filter. Always make sure your filter is never overly dirty. Change or clean it often.<br/>
2) Have the moving parts such as the fan motors lubricated at least once a year. Have a qualified furnace service tech come in and service your heating system should include this.<br/>
3) Regular duct cleaning to keep the system as clean as you can with prevent overheating, and overworking of your furnaces main components

Q= I noticed a "Burnt Smell" when my furnace came on for the first time after a warm period, why is that?

Funny smells coming from your furnace are from debris or dust on the heat exchanger in the furnace. Drip pans will cause condensation “slime” build-up during the cooling season from condensation on the a/c cooling coils. Dust build=up over the warmer months on the furnace will also start to burn during the beginning of the cooler months. Having your furnace cleaned by a professional will help reduce this funny smell issue.

Q = Banging Noise In Duct Work ?

sometimes the duct can expand and contract. When they heat up a little they can 'pop' like a plastic bottle that you have crushed the sides of. Put a little air pressure on it and POP it goes to the expanded mode. When it cools off it probably does the reverse and bangs again when it contracts and it falls back to a smaller volume. Sometimes you can find the general area that the banging is coming from, and try to put a dent in the duct work, to give it a bit of a kink. This has been known to stop the banging due to the issues as mentioned above.

Safety Warning

As with all consumer driven web-sites, the tips listed here are for informational purposes only. Your gas furnace and other gas appliances ARE the most dangerous appliance in your home. We encourage you to call our "Service Expert " list on this page for any repair issues. So enjoy our web-site however,..  

Be aware that when dealing with natural gases, property damage, injury and death are very real concerns. Always insist on qualified service personnel to work on any of your natural gas appliances.

American Standard American Standard manufactures and markets central forced air furnaces that are available in single and multistage configurations. Some models are said to be capable of an AFUE rating of more than 90 percent. Units do meet Energy Star requirements.

Bryant manufactures and markets gas central furnaces that are available in single and multistage configurations. Bryant has models capable of an AFUE rating of more than 90 percent. Bryant markets units that meet Energy Star requirements

Carrier is another leading manufacturer and marketers of gas central furnaces. Carrier central furnaces are available in single and multistage configurations. Carrier has some models capable of an AFUE rating of more than 90%. Carrier markets units that meet Energy Star requirements.

Lennox is said to be the first to market a forced air furnace. They are also a leading manufacturer and marketers of gas central furnaces. As with most brands of furnaces, Lennox central furnaces are available in single and multistage configurations with some models capable of an AFUE rating of more than 90 percent. Lennox markets units that meet Energy Star requirements

York is sold in Calgary and has service companies that are trained to install and repair as needed.

Other Brands Arcoaire, Clare, Comfortmaker, Dettson, Heil, KeepRite, Lincoln, and Tempstar. are all owned by International Comfort Products.

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