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Major Changes For Furnace Requirements In Canada

After Dec. 31 2009, manufacturers will no longer be allowed to produce forced air furnaces with an efficiency of less than 90 percent AFUE. Its has been an industry standard to install mid-efficiency units that were available in multi stage configurations. It was also considered a major upgrade to the heating system to install a high efficient furnaces in a retrofit furnace change out. Reasons were there are many considerations during the initial sales visit, such as, can I vent it, and where can I drain it? In some city's, bylaws are being past that the new plastic venting pipes must be installed out the back of the house, or so many feet away from a side fence. Reasons for this are the steam that is venting of the side was a nuisance to the neighbors.

More about Furnaces and Changes In the Heating Industry

  • ecoEnergy Information, Choose the Right Condensing Gas Furnace
    As of December 31 2009 all furnaces manufactured and sold in Canada must be 90% or higher in efficiency. This type of efficiency will required all home owners to install "Condensing" gas furnaces, or better known as high efficient furnaces.
  • Heating With Natural Gas
    If your building a new home, or renovating an old home, this article is for those of you that would like to see the science of using natural gas as your heating energy source. Properly installed gas appliances are a great way to provide energy efficient heating needs. Consiter the following
    • In 2002, the American Gas Association (AGA), stated that a natural gas water heater could heat two bathtubs full of water for the same cost as it would take an electric water heater to heat only one bathtub full of water.
    • Natural Gas is about 30% of the cost of electricity for a BTU of heat energy.





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Faulty Plastic Vent Pipes

The issue of plastic venting came about in 1995. It is still a very dangerous issue that has been the subject of lawsuits filed against the parties that approved the practice to begin with. All home owners should look for this... MORE

BE Wary!

Click on this link to read a recent news story about a scammer jailed for ripping off consumers with fake and dangerous furnace repairs.

Qualifications For Furnace Repair Technicians

What should you look for when choosing a service and repair technician for your natural gas forced air furnace? In Calgary and all across Canada, furnace repairs as all other natural gas appliances can only be done by licensed gas fitters or technicians. Also, it helps that the repairs be done by a person that has been trained to work not only on the brand and model of your furnace, but also has the tools available that give specific readings as to the burning properties of natural gases. When setting your burner gas pressures, knowledge on using and reading specialized instruments to determine proper burning characteristics will bring you the ultimate piece of mind for a safe repair or new install. It only make sense to never allow any one who does not have proper training to work on your gas appliances.